Putting the force behind
a Star Wars launch

Golin is a progressive public relations firm dedicated to earning attention. When tasked with broadcasting the exclusive availability of Star Wars Rogue One merchandise at Walmart, Golin turned to JMG to make sure the media was listening.

Featured Campaign

JMG was the branding agency challenged to develop a unique packaging solution for Star Wars Action Figures that would break through the clutter. A uniquely personalized element was to be incorporated in the packaging design to create media buzz and allow JMG to use our PR marketing expertise to meet both timing and high-impact delivery requirements.

JMG designed a custom shadow-box to showcase the six-inch Black Series Action Figure—Scarif Stormtrooper—the centerpiece of the brand awareness campaign. Enclosed in the packing was an oversized announcement postcard with a personalized message from Walmart’s senior toy buyers. To incent the immediate opening upon delivery, teaser messaging was included on the outer box.

JMG’s carefully coordinated dimensional packaging solution generated a high level of brand and product awareness. Not only did the media outlets broadcast the exclusive product release, they responded with unprecedented enthusiasm. Golin noted the campaign made a significant impact on product announcement projections. That’s marketing inside out.