Convert your marketing leads into qualified sales prospects.

Studies show that it can take six to ten market exposures to get your name and brand recognized. Through PowerPlay, we blitz the marketplace with your brand messaging—a blend of email, web, video, direct mail and call center follow-up—to ensure the frequency required to fill your pipeline with immediate leads.

How are you guaranteeing the steady flow of qualified leads into your organization?

PowerPlaysm moves the sales process forward.

DIGITAL MARKETING An incredibly powerful tool for efficient lead generation and management leads with highly targeted and personalized communications

DIGITAL SEND ME SOMETHING (DSMS) Fuel the success of your potential business with electronic brochures with customized information for either pre-sales or post-sale engagement

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATIONS Providing engaging tablet presentations with interactive content can fundamentally change the way your sales team communicates with your target audiences

CALL CENTER SERVICES Prospect follow-up calls to create relationships and deepen the level of interest and brand awareness in your product or service

Sales support to secure more leads.