Digital Show and Tell

What is a Digital Show & Tell™ and why all the hype?

Think of it as your own web based trade show where attendees can enter a digital booth space designed specifically to showcase your brand’s products, technologies, or service offerings. Imagine a video host that walks visitors through a highly immersive experience where they can freely explore the surroundings in each section of the booth for the ultimate engagement.

Flexible and scalable benefits.

There are endless possibilities your brand can offer in your new digital booth. Users can view a variety of informative and educational content, watch show and tell sessions with equipment demos, view videos, download white papers, read ebooks, flip through brochures, read app notes, listen to webinars, and of course request a quote or chat with a sales person. It’s your show, so we can design it any way you want. Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll experience with JMG’s Digital Show and Tell™:

An excellent source to showcase new technologies, product, or service offerings and all your resource materials

Gain qualified leads from fast and valuable lead-nurturing data

Increases brand awareness and buzz

Replaces canceled show schedules

Can run for a long period of time

Helps you stay ahead of the competition

Lower marketing and operating costs

On-demand: convenient and accessible anytime

Defined attendence based on prospect profile

Keep customers connected and prospects engaged.

We are all living in a more virtual environment that requires new initiatives to keep customers close and prospects closer. That’s why JMG developed the Digital Show and Tell™ – an interactive booth engagement that is so compelling and innovative, the impact will keep customers and prospects engaged and coming back to learn more.

"Now you can be in charge of your own show and make it available for as long as you want."


This is a one-of-a-kind innovative, new concept that improves your brand strategy and the perfect way to promote remote sales. It works. Talk to us. Fill out the form or call for a complete Digital Show & Tell™ demo today!