Let’s face it—it may take some time to get back to “business as usual”. What are you doing now to help propel your business forward into the second half of the year? As marketers, we’re all going to have to answer the call of “what’s next”?

  • How will you stimulate sales for the second half of the year?
  • What may need to change from prior marketing plans and strategies?
  • Where do you pivot? Where is your next foothold?
  • What’s the plan moving forward and when do you implement it?

These are all valid questions that need to be answered and JMG is well poised to help. We can plug in where you need us. Whether you’re selling capital equipment, products or services, we’ve done it all. We can work with your internal marketing team, or handle projects turnkey and remotely. We offer fresh perspectives, strategy and planning, new ideas that get you noticed and your brand heard.

As brand and sales strategists, we can provide that spark that helps ignite your initiatives—let’s start the conversation today. Call or fill out the form for a complimentary Ideation Session and get ready to fuel your marketing and increase your sales.

    JMG branding video

    JMG Marketing Stimulus efforts include:

    • Lead Generation Email Campaigns
    • Company/Product Videos
    • New Brand Messaging
    • Digital Sales Support (DSMS)
    • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
    • Campaign Landing Pages
    • Thought Leadership Content
    • Website Development (New or Updates)
    • New Market Entry

    Ready to talk?
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    phone: 708-403-4004 x850
    mobile: 708-308-4004