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In adjusting to the “new normal” and taking the responsibility to stay safe and work remotely, it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that “this too shall pass.” It isn’t too early to start thinking about your Recovery Strategy. JMG is here to help guide you through this challenging landscape to ensure your marketing continuity. Think of it as a marketing stimulus package.

How are you connecting with your customers and prospects? What tools do you need to sell remotely?

Introducing the Digital Send Me Something™

Too often, your sales staff is challenged by a customer or prospect asking them to send something on the product or service offerings. What do they send? Lengthy brochures that don’t display well as PDFs. Sell sheets that don’t tell the story. PowerPoint presentations that aren’t on target. You get the point.

With a Digital Send Me Something (DSMS), we create a digital, interactive experience with the prospect, providing enough in-depth content, sales points, and supporting information like embedded podcasts or videos to get your full story told. A better-educated prospect, then becomes an easier sell.

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